Saturday, May 3, 2014

What's with the logo?

We may be in the digital age of printers and smartphones, but when Dennis Variali started Denny Manufacturing, this technology was not around. It may be hard for us to wrap our heads around, but our first backdrops were hand painted. Yes, we did and still do specialize in reproducing hand painted backdrops.
If the clothes don't give away the age of this photo, then the hand-painted laser beams will. The laser beam backdrop was HUGE in the late eighties through the nineties. Here, our in-house artist is producing five or more of these backdrops at once.

We may have updated our logo, but we still hold true to the way we started. As you can see, we still have artists painting our Old Masters backdrops by hand on a daily basis.

We also still hold true to our commitment to you, the photographer. That's why we continue to bring you innovative products FIRST, like the affordable Denny Duets. Your commitment to us has made that possible and is the reason we have been around longer than all the others.

Why are you loyal to the Denny Manufacturing brand? Tell us! Comment, follow us on Facebook, send us a Tweet, whatever you have to do to tell us what we are doing right for YOU! Your feedback is important and vital to our business, so feed it back today!

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