Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thrifty Thursday!!!

We are back from After Dark and will have some great images soon! But to hold you over.... we have 3 Great Specials for you today!!

Save up to $69.95 on The Denny EZ Stand!!**

This is an AMAZING deal! Our Denny EZ Stands are regularly $84.95, but if you take advantage of this awesome special you can SAVE UP TO $69.95!!! Buy ONE Denny EZ Stand for $59.95 and Save $25.00 OR Buy TWO Denny EZ Stands for $99.95 and Save $69.95!!!

The Denny EZ Stands are a wonderful investment!

The Denny EZ Stand (EZ-1) is great for those who have to move lights often and quickly. Why use the Denny EZ Stand?
  • Legs open automatically
  • Legs close automatically when you set it down
  • Quick set up and re-positioning
  • Moves safely & quickly throughout crowds without having to put the camera down
  • Supports portable shoe-mounted flash units or small monolights.
We absolutely stand by our products, which is why if you take advantage of this special you will receive a ONE YEAR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY!!!

For more information check our our recent post featuring a video and highlights of The Denny EZ Stand here!!!

**Limited time offer, expires Monday April 4, 2010 Midnight (CST)


20% off ANY Denny Scenic Design**

Denny Scenic Design creates an inviting and exciting environment right in your studio! The ambiance of Denny Scenic Design adds interest and intrigue to every photo. Add new dimensions to your photography today!

**Limited time offer, expires Thursday April 8, 2010 Midnight (CST)

One More....

ABC Blocks are 50% 0ff!!!**

Our VERY popular Children's Prop..ABC Blocks are on SALE!!! 50% off which would make the set of 3...$109.98!! Such a great deal! But they are only available at that price for a limited time so you better hurry!!!

The set of 3 measures 9.5"x9.5"x9.5"....they are so fun to use with little ones!

They come in 4 colors...Primary, Pastel, White and Traditional!

**Limited Time offer, Expires Friday, April 9, 2010 Midnight (CST)

And Don't Forget it is not too late to register for The 2010 Sandy Puc' Family Tour! More information HERE!

Visit our website for more information about ordering our great products!!

Have a great Thursday Everyone!

Monday, March 29, 2010


The Denny RoadShow is a traveling backdrop and props store. We are out on the road to bring you some great deals (save up to 60% on selected backdrops or props) and have you learn portraiture from one of the industry's best teachers. This is your chance to save some big bucks, renew your props and backdrop inventory and learn some great new portrait techniques.

At each city everyone in attendance will be entered in a drawing and one lucky photographer will...

WIN a DENNY 10x20 Scenic Backdrop

(worth $499. You must be in attendance to win.)

What is a traveling roadshow all about?

  • A Traveling Backdrops and Props Store!
  • Discounts Up To 60% on Selected Backdrops, Studio Sets and Miscellaneous Equipment
  • Come for the Savings and Learn New Techniques at the Same Time
  • Get Ready for Your High School Senior Season
  • Special Props for Family and Children's Portraiture
  • Check Out Our New Freedom Cloth. The Colors Pop and Project Realism Like Never Before Plus it's Wrinkle Free
  • Replace Your Tired Old Backdrops
  • Stuck in a Creative Rut? Renew Your Props and Backdrop Inventory
  • Larger Items Can be Shipped
  • Learn From One of the Best Posing and Lighting Instructors in the Country!

RoadShow Schedule:

We will be in the following cities soon!

Atlanta, Ga - May 3, 2010
Nashville, TN - May 4, 2010
Charlotte, NC - May 5, 2010

• 5 PM Doors open (Get there early for the best deals!)
• 6 PM Greg’s program on Lighting direction and style
• 7:30 PM Break
• 8 PM Greg’s program on posing the human form

About Greg Stangl

Master Photographer Greg Stangl will teach cutting-edge portrait lighting and posing techniques. Using live models, Greg will demonstrate using directional lighting, lighting ratio, lighting styles, posing the male and female form and much much more. Come for the deals and enjoy the program. Greg is one of the top teaching pros in the US and has taught in 45 US States and 7 foreign countries.

Greg is a master at taking complex lighting, exposure, and posing techniques and explaining them at a level that is easy to comprehend. You will leave this seminar with an increased skill and confidence level ready to create better portraits.

Questions about the RoadShow content. Contact Greg directly at


“I have attended seminars across the country with some of the biggest names out there, and I have never met anyone like Greg. He has the unique ability to explain portraiture in a way that is not only understandable… but it’s easily “doable.”
Jody Reich, Chicago

“I recently attended Greg Stangl’s program at the Professional Photographers convention in Indiana. The subject was well covered from someone who has a vast amount of experience in the industry. The advice given is realistic and backed by real life experiences, which lends credibility 
to the speaker’s advice. The subject matter is relevant for those working within a studio, on location or an in-home setup. Greg's manner of presentation is clear and relaxed with an orderly 
flow though the program. He stays on message not drifting between different subjects. His use of time is efficient covering a large amount of information without making it feel like information overload. This one program alone was worth the price of admission for the entire weekend.”
Tony Tokarz, Indy

“Greg stands alone when it comes to teaching lighting and posing. If only I had taken his class a long time ago. It would have saved me a lot of mis-directed effort and time.”
John Bonk, Chicago

The Denny RoadShow store will be filled with great bargins, interesting props and one of a kind backdrops. You will be able to save up to 60% off of selected backdrops and props. You will see the very affordable Denny Safari lights in action and watch Greg as portraits are created with them. Enjoy a fun night out, find some great deals and watch an engaging portraiture program all for one low price.

Early registration price is $39.00 ($60.00 at the door)

To Register: Please visit

He's at it again!

We are already having a great time at After you can see!

We will continue to post pictures from this awesome show throughout the week!



Have a great Monday everyone!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's Thrifty Thursday!!!

HI ALL! Happy Thursday! We have been busy getting ready for After Dark in Miami this week, and cannot wait to see all of you! But FIRST things first! It's time for some great specials!!!!

Have you ever thought about using a ceiling track for your backdrops?!
This week we are offering our Muslin Ceiling Track systems for 20% off!!**

**Limited time offer Expires Monday 3/29/10 Midnight (CST)

How about more studio equipment!?

Our Umbrellas and Reflectors are 50% off this week!!** We have a variety of different umbrellas and reflectors, to see them all please visit us at :)

One in particular that we are offering is our 5 in 1 Reflector!

The Denny 5-in-1 Collapsible Light Reflector Disc includes five of the most desirable reflectors used by photographers world-wide. The five reflectors are housed in one zippered case for your convenience.

This unique product includes the following:
1- Light Diffuser for softness
1- White Reflector
1- Gold Tone for beautiful skin tones
1- Black Surface
1- Silver Reflector

**Limited time offer Expires 4/1/10


Our Quickship Handpainted Muslins are 50% off this week!
They are only available in 10'x20' so all of the prices are the same! Originally $499.00 ON SALE FOR $249.50! What a great deal!

Here are just a few of our backdrops!

Here is a link to ALL of them!

Enjoy!! Have a great weekend everyone! We will see you at After Dark!

One More little thing! Be on the lookout for our Spring Flyer in the mail soon!

Monday, March 22, 2010

After Dark 2010!

Are you headed to Miami??? We are! And....WE CAN'T WAIT!!!

We had such a wonderful time in Austin last time! So we can only imagine how great it will be in Miami!

We will have a booth all set up for you to test shoot on some of our most popular backdrops and props! We will definitely have some Freedom Cloth for you to see and some of our newest children's furniture!

If you don't know about After Dark, here are a few tidbits!

After Dark is a Hands-On Photography Education workshop. Many photographers get together and share all of their tips about this wonderful industry! The best part is that most of the education is "after dark" it runs from 6pm until 2am!

This year they are going to have 35 top mentors. Learn the tips and secrets that elevated them in their careers. In addition to instructing you in small groups, they're available to personally answer your questions throughout After Dark gatherings.

Some of the mentors that will be there are.....George Kuchler, Jordan Chan, Julie Klaasmeyer, and Mike Ridinger, just to name a few that we know and love!

After Dark runs from Sunday, March 28 through Wednesday, March 31!

Hope to see everyone there! and for more information you can check their website

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thrifty Thursdays!

We hope everyone is enjoying their week! We have TWO Great Specials for you today!


20% off ANY Master Muslin!**

Master Muslins are hand painted and are washable. These backdrops tend to be more stiff than a dyed backdrop.

BONUS!! All Denny Muslin backdrops have a COMPLEMENTARY hemmed loop along the width for support with a crossbar on portable backdrop stands!

**Limited time offer, expires Monday 3/22/10 Midnight (CST)


50% off Denny Photo Black!**

The ultimate black material for photography. This special substrate is finished on both sides with a matte finish. This finish allows it to photograph true black, unlike dyed muslins which reflect and appear grayish. This material also works well with color gels. This product can be shipped folded. Denny “Photo Black”™ can also be used as a light blocker for use in studios and labs.
**Limited time offer, expires Thursday 3/25/10 Midnight (CST)

visit for more information!
Have a great week everyone!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Having fun at WPPI!!!

We had a great time in Las Vegas at WPPI!!!

We even had some photographers come and play in our booth! Here is the result of the madness!


Have a great Monday everyone!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thrifty Thursdays!

We hope everyone has had a wonderful week! We have enjoyed our time at WPPI! It has been so good to see all of you! So sad today is the last day!!! But to bring you all some happiness...we have 3 Great specials for you today!!!

35% Off ANY Old Master Backdrop!!! **

OM2334 DaVinci

Hand-Painted Old Masters Backdrops are available in a wide variety of styles. You will find traditional Old Masters for your more elegant and/or business clientele to the “funky” Hand-Painted styles for your energetic Seniors!

OM2298 Heirloom

All Denny Canvas Backdrops come with Complementary wood mounting with pre-drilled holes across your top mounting for easy hanging on backdrop stands. All of our Old Master canvases are rolled, and wood mounted with Velcro closure straps for easy storage. Our Old Masters are hand painted on high quality artist canvas that are very durable.

DOUBLE BONUS!!! Save 50% off our fully padded Canvas Carrying Cases! The cases not only protect your canvas backdrops, but make it easy to transport on location! Each case holds up to two backdrops!

**Limited time offer! Expires 3/15/2010 Midnight (CST)


50% off Heavy Duty Backdrop Stands!**

BS-1020: Wide format Background support stands for large groups. This set includes 3 10' heavy duty stands, a 21' cross bar and 2 carrying cases. Adjust up to 10' high and 21' wide. Cross bar is in 3' interlocking sections.

BS-1012: Standard Background support system includes 2 heavy duty 10' stands, 12' cross bar and carrrying case. Adjust up to 10' high and 12' wide.

BS-1010: Basic background support system includes 2 heavy duty stands, crossbar and carrying case. Adjusts up to 8.5 feet high and 10 wide.
**Limited time offer, Expires 3/18/2010 Midnight (CST)


60% off Select Quickship Muslins! **

From Left to Right, WM079 Purple Haze, HM33169 Briarwood

Quickship refers to backdrops in stock that will ship within 4 business days!

All Quickship Hand Painted Old Master Muslins, Dyed Cloudscape Muslins, Hand Painted Scenic Muslins, and Crinkle Muslin backdrops are available in either 10'x10' or 10'x20' sizes only.

Special applies to HandPainted Old Master Muslins, Dyed Cloudscape Muslins, HandPainted Scenic Muslins, and Crinkle Muslins.

**Limited time offer, expires 3/19/2010 Midnight (CST)

Have a Great Day Everyone!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Vegas BABY!!!

WE HAVE ARRIVED IN LAS VEGAS!!! Here is all of our information about WPPI!!! Hope to see you all there! We will have a large variety of our great Freedom Cloth backdrops on display as well as Old Masters, White Vinyl and various new props!

Our Booth is #1627 and the trade show hours are: Mon., March 8: 10am-4pm Tues., March 9: 10am-4pm Wed., March 10: 10am-3pm

Location: MGM Conference Center: Grand Ballroom AND Marquee Ballroom • Las Vegas, NV

Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's Thursday!!!

We have some great specials for you today!!!

40% off Shell and Tub Posers**

Molded from a real shell, this poser cradles a baby with it's natural curves.
White exterior and white interior. (23"L x 30"W x 11"H)

*Special only available on white shell poser

Durable Child's Bathtub. Made of polyethylene. Perfect poser for cradling a baby. (25.5"L X 16"W X 12"H)

**Limited time offer, offer expires Monday 3/8/10 Midnight (CST)


50% off The Denny Light Cubes and Radio Slave Triggers**

The Radio Slave Trigger is used in place of a Sync cord: it connects to the camera and the flash so they both go off at the same time. Available in 2-channel (RST-2C) and 4-channel (RST-4C)

The Denny Light Cube (32'x32'x32') lets you photograph small products with soft reflection and good illumination. Carrying Case included!!

**Limited time offer, Expires Thursday 3/11/10 Midnight (CST)


60% off Select TwistFlex Backdrops!!!**

TwistFlex Muslins fold down to a small 33" diameter and slide right into the carrying case!
Only available in 6'x7' List price $229.00 on Sale for $91.60!!!

**Limited time offer, Expires Friday 3/12/10 Midnight (CST)

Visit for more information!

Happy Thursday Everyone!! Have a wonderful weekend! We are off to WPPI so be on the lookout for some great pictures! Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hot NEW Props!!!

How about another SNEAK PEEK!??

We have some GREAT new props that will soon be available to YOU!!!

We had George Kuchler photograph the newest ones for us and he did a great job!!!

This one is our newest Fossil Flex-Tex complete with a Dinosaur Head and Bone Bench!!!

This is our newest "Pipe Set"!! Isn't it neat!?

We hope that you like all of these! If you have any questions or need more information...these are not on our website yet, but you can call us at 1-800-844-5616!

And FYI...SOME of the new backdrops that we showed you back on the 15th of February are now available through our website!

Enjoy! We will be back tomorrow for Thrifty Thursday!

Monday, March 1, 2010

WPPI 2010

We will be attending WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) March 8-11, 2010 In Las Vegas, Nevada at the MGM Convention Center!!!

The Full Convention starts on the 4th and runs through the 11th. The trade show is the 8-11! That's when WE will be there!!!

Our booth number is 1627, We hope you will all stop by to see all of our wonderful backdrops and props! This is going to be a GREAT show!!

visit for more information!