Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Our Featured Photographer...Jenny Hollis!

Jenny Hollis is our Featured Photographer for the month of November!! 

Jenny Hollis is actively involved in her local guild as well as state and national associations. She has earned her Photographic Craftsman degree and Masters in Photography in 3 years. She has been awarded numerous 1st place awards in print competition, "Best of Show", "President's Award", 3 Fuji Masterpiece Awards, 2 Kodak Gallery Awards, 2 ASP "Best of the Best Awards" to name a few. In addition to that, she has earned 4 Loan Collection prints, scored a perfect score of 100 on 3 Images and has received "Photographer of the Year Gold Level" for three years.

Jenny is a highly sought after speaker in her area of expertise, "Fine Art Children's Portraiture". It is her joy and passion to teach and share her love of the business.

Jenny wrote to us and said the following kind words! 

"OMG! I am so blessed and honored to have been chosen as the featured photographer for Denny Manufacturing for the month of November..This means so much to me because Denny is such a key component to the success of my studio. Each year, my office manager and I collaborate and plan our specials and "Limited Edition" sets based on our background selections from Denny. I am amazed and the creativity and constant challenge on Denny's part to keep pushing the envelope and offering photographers products we didn't even know existed!!!! Love it!! 

The team at Denny's is second to none...From the top, to customer service, to shipping...they are all so eager to please, so thorough and always so customer-focused.

I am often asked what "stables" we photographed at, or what "hotel" we were in or whose "living room" did we use to photograph such beautiful images....Never in a million years do they believe me when I tell them it is a background...HaHa...The other aspect of the backgrounds that Denny offers is that for my "set building" style, it is cake for me to tell the story....There is sooo much depth in their backgrounds and the realism of them is incredible! 

What else can I say about this Amazing company that supports professional photographers in this day and time. My hats off to you, Denny and your team!"

Thanks again Jenny for your wonderful words!! :) 

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nick Pocaro, Our Featured Photographer!

Here are some more images from the wonderful Nick Pocaro! 

Nick was featured back on September 20th with a testimonial stating how much he likes Denny Products! 

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Featured Photographer Nick Pocaro

We have a NEW Featured Photographer for the Month of September! 
Nick Pocaro!
Thanks Nick, for sharing your story! 

CP6425 Helter Skelter

"My name is Nick Porcaro and I own a photography studio, nFocus Photos, in Crystal Lake, Illinois. I photograph primarily seniors because it's FUN! 

Denny's Freedom Cloth has completely changed the way I photograph in the studio. Using Freedom Cloth in combination with Denny's muslin track system makes it so EASY to change backgrounds that sometimes I'll use several with the same outfit. Prior to Freedom Cloth I was using muslin backgrounds and they were so cumbersome, it was a pain to swap them out and storing them was a nightmare. I had big pods of balled up muslins all over the studio. It was starting to become an eyesore. Now with Denny's Freedom Cloth I'm able to keep about a dozen on my track system and the rest are neatly folded on a closet shelf. The best part is, when I need them I can just grab them out of the closet and they're good to go. Could not do that with muslin!!

Besides their ease of use, the designs Denny's has available in their Freedom Cloth line are the best in the industry and they are constantly updating with newer, cooler designs. My seniors LOVE them!! I've used other background companies in the past, but they just don't keep up with the latest trends the way Denny's does.

Thanks, Denny, for making my life easier!!"

CP6425 Helter Skelter

CP6481 Nebulous

CP6481 Nebulous

More of Nick's Images will be featured soon! 
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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

August Featured Photographer

We are thrilled to announce a 
"Featured Photographer" Series
 here on our blog!!! 

 First up..

Bonnie Matassa! 

 Hi Everyone! I am super excited to be featured as Denny's Photograher of the Week! My name is Bonnie Matassa and my studio is located in the small town of Lockport, Louisiana. Since I was a young child, I have always had a love for Art. One of my favorite things to do is to paint. Many of my family and friends all have Bonnie Matassa original paintings hanging inside their home today. In college, I studied Art and Business because I knew that I wanted my career to be art related, and I am very blessed that I am able to do so with my photography business. When I first started with my photography, I converted the 2nd floor of my house into my studio, and 2 years later I built my commercial studio. I am what you call a Denny's Addict. Pretty much everything I have in my indoor and outdoor studio, from backdrops to props and even equipment all come from Denny Manufacturing. Quality is very important to me and It DOES make a difference in the end result, and that is why I continue to build my business with Denny's. The freedom cloth is ultimately the best choice for me, because it allows me to have multiple backdrop choices without having to tie up the space in my studio (and i have LOTS and LOTS of designs that fit into my small studio space). Another favorite of mine is the hand painted Old Master's Canvas. My absolute favorite is "Almond Creme". Its the very first backdrop I ever bought from Denny's over 5 years ago and continues to be the one that's most used in my studio today. Because Denny keeps up with all the new trends in photography, I know that I can count on them to help my business grow in years to come.

Stay tuned for more of Bonnie's images throughout the month of August!! 

Until then.....

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Friday, July 26, 2013

We Love Our Fans!!!

Today is the last day to "VOTE" for our great NEW Duet Reversible backdrops which are priced as low as $76!  

We have had great reviews from those who have purchased and the demand is high!  

Denny Manufacturing officially won the award by the PPA Judges and today you can be a part of Reader's Choice Award by clicking on the link below and voting in support of Denny Manufacturing Duets!  You will see a large orange box in the center of the page "Hot One Awards".  

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Thank you for your continued support and stay tuned to find out the "Reader's Choice Award" winner!  Have a great weekend!

The Denny Manufacturing Company, Inc. Team