Friday, September 20, 2013

Featured Photographer Nick Pocaro

We have a NEW Featured Photographer for the Month of September! 
Nick Pocaro!
Thanks Nick, for sharing your story! 

CP6425 Helter Skelter

"My name is Nick Porcaro and I own a photography studio, nFocus Photos, in Crystal Lake, Illinois. I photograph primarily seniors because it's FUN! 

Denny's Freedom Cloth has completely changed the way I photograph in the studio. Using Freedom Cloth in combination with Denny's muslin track system makes it so EASY to change backgrounds that sometimes I'll use several with the same outfit. Prior to Freedom Cloth I was using muslin backgrounds and they were so cumbersome, it was a pain to swap them out and storing them was a nightmare. I had big pods of balled up muslins all over the studio. It was starting to become an eyesore. Now with Denny's Freedom Cloth I'm able to keep about a dozen on my track system and the rest are neatly folded on a closet shelf. The best part is, when I need them I can just grab them out of the closet and they're good to go. Could not do that with muslin!!

Besides their ease of use, the designs Denny's has available in their Freedom Cloth line are the best in the industry and they are constantly updating with newer, cooler designs. My seniors LOVE them!! I've used other background companies in the past, but they just don't keep up with the latest trends the way Denny's does.

Thanks, Denny, for making my life easier!!"

CP6425 Helter Skelter

CP6481 Nebulous

CP6481 Nebulous

More of Nick's Images will be featured soon! 
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