Thursday, February 25, 2010

Is it already Thursday!?

We have some great specials for you today!!!

60% off Quickship Handpainted Muslins

These backdrops are absolutely beautiful!!! and at a GREAT price! But only for a limited time!!**
ALL Quickship Hand Painted Scenic Muslin backdrops are only available in 10'x20' sizes!
List Price $499...ON SALE FOR $199.60!!
**Limited time offer, expires 3/5/10 Midnight (CST)

50% off Denny Photo Black**

The ultimate black material for photography. This special substrate is finished on both sides with a matte finish. This finish allows it to photograph true black, unlike dyed muslins which reflect and appear grayish. This material also works well with color gels. This product can be shipped folded. Denny “Photo Black”™ can also be used as a light blocker for use in studios and labs.
Limited time offer, expires 3/4/10 Midnight (CST)


15% off ANY Computer Painted Freedom Cloth Backdrop!!!**

(Photo Credits clockwise from top: CPM6560 Lane Crabtree, CPM6707 Kirk Voclain, CPM6656 David Mullenix, CPM6660 Julie Klassmeyer)

The Denny Manufacturing Freedom Cloth™ Backdrops are an original product, manufactured here at our facilities...this way we are able to make sure you are getting the best quality and consistent color. For years, the muslin backdrop has been versatile primarily because of portability. Photographers around the world have expressed an interest in a backdrop that is "Wrinkle-Free."* Denny Manufacturing proudly offers the first "Wrinkle-Free"* backdrop, Freedom Cloth™!!! Years of research and development have resulted in the perfect combination of equipment and fabric to produce this exciting backdrop product. Freedom Cloth™ introduces a new realm of possibilities for fixed and portable backdrops!

**Limited time offer, expires Monday 3/1/10 Midnight (CST)

Have a great weekend everyone!!
Check back with us next week for information about WPPI in Las Vegas!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

PMA 2010 and A New Featured Photographer!

We had a BLAST at PMA 2010 in California! But it is time to come home!!! We will be sad to say goodbye to all of you!

Here are a few shots of our booth!

We also have a NEW Featured Photographer on our blog!
(in the right-hand sidebar)


Lane has a studio just outside of Columbus, Ohio where she focuses her attention on Senior Portraits, as well as others!

Lane gave us a wonderful testimonial in our new catalog! We want to share it with you!!
"To all the great people at Denny Manufacturing, I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank everyone for the exceptional customer service I've received over the past couple of years as well as the industry leading products available to my studio - especially the Freedom Cloth and Super Cloth backgrounds! I am in love with them! They both photograph beautifully and I love the wrinkle resistant Freedom Cloth - no more badly wrinkled muslins at my studio!"

She does a wonderful job showing her work on our backdrops and we wanted to feature her to say Thanks!!!

Check out her website for more information!

Check back with us tomorrow for Thrifty Thursdays!!!
Have a great day everyone!

Monday, February 22, 2010

PMA 2010

We are at PMA this week!!!
are you????

Come stop by and see us! Our booth numbers are 1544, 1546, 1548, and 1550!

The Ultimate Event for Everything Photo!
Exhibits: February 21-23
Conferences: February 19-23
Anaheim Convention Center
Southern California, USA

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thrifty Thursday!!!

It's Thursday Again!!!

We have some great specials this week for you to check out!

40% off our ENTIRE line of Safari Luminations!**

This includes our Zebra Studio Flash, our Safari Lumination Softboxes (octagonal, square, and rectangular) our Safari Strip Box, and The TriCoast off Camera Flash Boxes!

**Hurry! This Offer is only for a limited time! Expires Thursday 2/25/10 Midnight (CST)


50% off Denny Brand White Vinyl!!!**

Denny Brand White Vinyl is extremely durable & photographs pure white when properly lit.

Unlike cheap imitations, we eliminated permanent creases because, We never fold our Vinyl and Denny Brand White Vinyl is always shipped wrinkle free.

Our White Vinyl has no seams, hangs straight, and will not sag like cheap imitations.

We included Complimentary wood mounting, making our Vinyl ready for use with your backdrop stands and provide proper wrinkle free storage.

Take advantage of this special and recieve a Denny Monopod valued at $34.95; FREE!!! The Denny Monopod is a black anodized aluminum monopod featuring sure rubber grip, wrist carrying strap, quick action lever leg lock system with 45° flip, large 2.3” camera/head platform with plastic cover and dual 1/4-20” - 3/8” camera screw. Comes with a FREE carrying case!

**Limited time offer! Expires Friday 2/26/10 Midnight (CST)

Please visit for more information!

Have a great Thursday everyone!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010


We have just introduced some of our newest backdrop designs and wanted to share them with all of you!!!

All of these backdrops are BRAND NEW and are not in our 2010 Denny Manufacturing Catalog! TO ORDER: Please call 1-800-844-5616

These are our Shutter Collection. They are clockwise CPM6739 Vogue Shutters, CPM6731 Pastel Shutters, CPM6733 Whitewash Shutters, and CPM6732 Primary Shutters...The Photo in the middle is on Pastel and is courtesy of Lane Crabtree! Thanks Lane!

These are our Diamond Tuft Collection! Clockwise from top is CPM6717 Green Diamond Tuft, CPM6721 Brown, CPM6718 Ivory, and CPM6719 Red!

This one is CPM 6727 Smoky Gray

CPM 6729 Rebecca

CPM6730 Lord Peter

CPM6735 Peace Baby

CPM6734 Zebra

Aren't they GREAT!! Hope you like them!! Happy Monday Everyone!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thrifty Thursdays!

It's that time again!!!

On Tuesday we gave you a quick special on our Computer Painted Supercloth Backdrops...but today we have another!!

50% off Select Quickship TwistFlex Backdrops!!**

TwistFlex Muslins fold down to a small 33" diameter and slide right into the carrying case!

Pricing: Sixe 6'x7' List Price $229.00 On SALE for $114.50!!!!!

A great sale!!!
**Limited time offer, Expires Friday 2/19/10 Midnight (CST)

and one more....Did you know that we also carry an extensive line of camera cases, backpacks, and tripods for all of your photography needs??!!!

Well here are some great deals on all of that!!

50% off Carbon Fiber Tripods, Camera Cases and Backpacks!!!

The Denny Camera Cases, AC-1(13”L x 10”W x 24”H) and AC-3 (19”L x 10”W x 25”H), are constructed of reinforced aluminum with sturdy, foam interior, combination locks, and wheels for convenient traveling.

The Denny Carbon Fiber Tripod is long-lasting and lightweight with an adjustable 3-way panhead. It features adjustable height (reversible) center column, adjustable legs, spirit level, quick-release plate and carrying case.

The WB1628 Deluxe Digital Pro Backpack (15”L x13.5”W x18.5”H) is built for Gear Protection and Comfort. Heavy-duty and spacious, this backpack allows for quick and easy access to your camera and all of it’s accessories. All-weather exterior with padded, customizable interior is perfect for on location photography.


The WB1702 Backpack Camera with Wheels (15.5”L x13” W x19.5”H) offers all of these same amenities plus it can be carried by the top, collapsible grab handle or with the included backpack straps.
**Limited time offer, Expires Thursday 2/18/10 Midnight (CST)

Well....that is all for this Thursday but stay tuned....
We will have a sneak peek at some of our newest designs NEXT WEEK!!
SO be sure to keep checking back with us!!!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Just a quick little special!!

Photo Courtesy of Julie Klaasmeyer

Photo Courtesy of Larry Peters

BONUS!!! Computer Painted Supercloth™ Backdrops come with complementary wood mounting with pre-drilled holes across your top mounting for easy hanging on backdrop stands. All of our Supercloth™ Backdrops are rolled, and wood mounted with Velcro closure straps for easy storage.

Photo Courtesy of Nancy Poole Photography

SAVE 50% 0ff our fully padded Canvas Carrying Cases! The cases not only protect your Supercloth® Backdrops, but make it easy to transport on location! Each case holds up to two backdrops!


Take advantage of this special and recieve a Denny Monopod valued at $34.95; FREE!!! The Denny Monopod is a black anodized aluminum monopod featuring sure rubber grip, wrist carrying strap, quick action lever leg lock system with 45° flip, large 2.3” camera/head platform with plastic cover and dual 1/4-20” - 3/8” camera screw. Comes with a FREE carrying case!

These backdrops are absolutely wonderful!!! Take advantage today! :)

**Limited time offer! Expires Monday 2/15/10 Midnight (CST)

Have a great Tuesday everyone!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thrifty Thursdays!

2 Great Specials for you today!!

60% off Chroma-Key Reversible/Collapsible Twist-Flex!!*

TwistFlex Backdrops fold down to a small 33” diameter and slide right into the carrying case!

6'x7' Reg. Price $289.00 on SALE for $115.60!
*Limited time offer! Expires Thursday 2/11/10 Midnight (CST)


60% off Quickship Crinkle Muslins!*

10'x20' Reg. Price $234 on SALE for $93.60!! That's a savings of $140.40!!!
*Limited time offer, Expires Friday 2/12/10 Midnight (CST)

Such great deals!!! Take advantage NOW! They are only for a limited time!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

SYNC 2010!!!!

SYNC 2010 was a great convention! The talent was absolutely incredible including Aaron Adams and Lane Crabtree which Denny Manufacturing sponsored as "Rising Stars". The SYNC 2010 Photographer of the Year is Jon Read. Congratulations, Jon!

Kirk Voclain was an awesome speaker and created a buzz this year by initiating a contest which had a grand prize of Two Super Bowl tickets!!! The participating photographers had to go to selected "Pro4uM" vendors and ask for key information. Each vendor had pre-planned their "statement" of information which led to the answer. For example, for Denny Manufacturing, the questions was "What is the GREATEST backdrop material in the world? The answer was "Freedom Cloth". When customers came to the booth, we had to tell them about our backdrops and mention that Freedom Cloth is the greatest backdrop in the world.

Nancy Poole, Angela DeVIlle, Gretchen Miekie, George Kuchler, Gwen Prichard, and Mike Fulton! (from Left to Right)

Debra with Brad Veraska

After the Awards ceremony, Kirk requested that someone represent Denny Manufacturing and appear on stage for the official drawing along with a vendor from each participating company. Debra decided that she would be the one to represent us! Each vendor representative pulled one entry from the special super "Bowl" and each card was put on the floor. Kirk was blind folded and he knelt down to get on the floor and choose the winning entry!

The winner was Annie Huebsch !!! Congratulations ANNIE!!! Once announced, each vendor sprayed silly string all over Kirk and Annie! It was followed by a night of dancing and great conversation!

A quick peek at a few shots of our booth!

Freedom Cloth was in high demand with the Black and Copper Tile (CPM6692) backdrop which was a requested design by Aaron Adams as one of the most popular. Other favorites at the convention were Vertigo (CPM6423), Euromix Ivory(CPM6625), Desire Street (CPM6662), Karen's Symbols (CPM6693 and Warehouse (CPM6601) to name a few! The TriCoast Off Camera Flashbox and Denny Safari Luminations were in demand as well. Mitzi and Debra enjoyed seeing our customers and appreciated their patience when they had to wait in line to order. It was a busy show and we appreciate everyone's business.

And one last one....A GREAT WAY to end A GREAT CONVENTION!!!!

Have a great "Hump Day" everyone! See you tomorrow for Thrifty Thursday!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010


Denny Manufacturing proudly announces..... The 2010 Sandy Puc' Family Tour! Since we are sponsoring this event, if you sign up to be a part of the Family Tour you can receive $20 off!!! Sandy Puc's Seminar Tour is visiting 52 cities nationwide that started in January and runs through April 2010. They will also visit Canada n August 2010! Sandy teaches the best methods of FAMILY portraiture craft, the latest trends in marketing, time saving tips, advice on tools of the trade, and much, much MORE!!!

The price is 0nly $79 for 5 hours of training, marketing materials, registration into the International Charity Model Search and much more!

Each Attendee Receives:
  • A foil-safe marketing campaign for the slow season
  • Five hours of portraiture and business training
  • Fantastic offers from Sandy's sponsors and the opportunity to speak with them personally
  • Entry into the International Charity Model Search Contest**
**Contest ends April 5th , 2010. So, BUY your ticket today!!!

This is an amazing experience! We encourage all of you to join in the fun!!!

and if you sign up...enter the code DEN10, to save $20*

* Must be used with initial order. NO Refunds!

For more information, be sure to visit

and P.S........

Mitzi and Debra are on their way home from SYNC tonight! WE have heard it was a great show and THANKS to everyone who stopped by!!!

Stay Tuned.....We will be posting pictures later this week!

Have a great Monday everyone!!!