Tuesday, July 29, 2014

6 Great Pinterest Poses...and Their Attempts

We've all seen it and tried it...the cutest photo ideas are everywhere on Pinterest, so they can't be that hard, right?

WRONG. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we succumb to the "Pinterest fail." Here are six of our favorites that we found this week:

1. Christmas Stocking Tantrum

2. "Get Me Outta Here" Happy Birthday

3. Can't Hold That Pose Long Enough

4. What Are You Putting Me In?!?!

5. Flying Away...Kinda

6. Too Soon After Lunchtime...aka "Ewwww"

You know the REAL fail is, though? If you don't keep trying to get it right! Our talented photographers take hundreds of shots to get that perfect image. We know from experience that you can have the perfect child and baby backdrop, but if they aren't ready to take a picture--you aren't getting that image!

Do you have any Pinterest fails or successes? Send them to us! We'd love to see what the new trends are in Pinterest-land!

Note: We recommend only using safe poses and photography practices. We recommend you seek a professional photographer for any and all difficult poses or shots you wish to capture.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

6 Photographers Determined to Get the Perfect Shot

Anyone that knows photography knows that it takes more than a camera to get a great shot. It takes lighting, the right moment, focus, vision, and the list goes on. No one really thinks about what it looks like on the other side of the camera, do they? 

We took care of that by finding six of the best images showcasing just how far you have to go to get that perfect shot. You'll either be saying "been there, done that" or just plain "huh" (accompanied by an LOL, of course).

1. The Overpacker
Because getting the great shot also means being prepared for changes in weather, distance, and maybe the apocalypse. Source: http://bt.dennymfg.com/1ooLcXH

2. The "Hold Your Breath" Shooter
No, really, we mean hold your breath! Source: http://bt.dennymfg.com/1qmo4dT

3. The Yoga Poser
Because what better way to get your stretches in than while you're working? 
Source: http://bt.dennymfg.com/1rjEK7A

4. The Tarzan
Where there's a tree, there's a way. Source: http://bt.dennymfg.com/1mKtCcf

5. The Break a Leg (because you might)
This guy puts basketball sidelines photographers to shame. Source: http://bt.dennymfg.com/1o9b8Vp

6. The Undercover Agent
No words. We only wonder what he was trying to photograph. Source: http://bt.dennymfg.com/1ml3Px7

There you have it! Have you found yourself in extreme poses or funny places to get the best shot? Tell us about it! We're blogging, Facebooking, Instagramming, and more every day.