Saturday, August 2, 2014

5 Items Your Studio Needs (Like, Yesterday)

We live by the saying that the photographer takes the picture, not the camera. But every good (and smart) photographer also knows they need quality gear around them. Quality photography gear helps to produce great images, but also lasts--because each piece of studio equipment is a business investment for you.

We've put together five items that no studio should be we said, you need them yesterday!

1. A Quality Backdrop
This backdrop is so versatile it can be used both indoors and outdoors, with adults and children.

Backdrops enable you to turn your studio into a location--without the travel (or expense). Be sure you are purchasing quality, versatile backdrops that work well with the client/industry you are targeting, but can be used for other categories as well.. Professional head shots need a classic Old Masters (which work well for wedding photography, too). Senior portraits more your thing? Add a computer painted backdrop to fit their style

2. Backdrop Stand(s)
Easy to put up and portable for travel.

You can't very well have a backdrop if you can't hang it up, can you? Our backdrop stands are easy to set up--trust us, we test them on our non-photographer employees (who set it up with ease, by the way). Plan to expand the backdrop collection? Then spring for a track system, which assists in organizing your backdrops and changing scenes quickly.

3. Foldable soft box
Soft boxes create even and diffused light by directing light through diffusing material or bouncing it off a second surface. Your camera flash isn't enough for professional quality portraits: just look at the difference with and without a soft box.
Jordan Chan took his foldable soft box on location. See how harsh the light could have been on the left?

Go a step further and get a foldable soft box. These bad boys can be set up in less than five minutes and easily transition from horizontal for vertical. Denny Manufacturing's foldable soft boxes come with a carrying bag for use on location at proms, weddings, wherever you go. Don't just listen to us, see what photographers are saying about the Denny 4' x 6' foldable soft box.

4. Roll-Up Floor
Roll Up Floor CPMF4021 Brown Barnwood (left) makes this look like the inside of a home, not a studio.
 Combining a backdrop with a floor really takes studio photography to the next level. Our innovative Neoprene Roll-Up Floors are the answer. These Roll-Up Floors are realistic, durable, easy to store, and provide a comfortable surface for newborn photography. Really maximize your product by also using it as a backdrop!

5. Backdrop Buyer's Club Membership

If you are stocking your studio, you cannot afford to be without this membership. Members receive up to 50% off Denny products...YEAR ROUND. We sweeten the deal by giving you a $50.00 credit to spend on Denny Photo Gift products, a free instructional video, and savings from partners such as Pro4uM, PPA Magazine, Photo Duds, and MORE. Even better is that most members save more than the membership fee on their first purchase alone!

Denny Manufacturing is committed to providing photographers with quality gear that gives them the ability to make more money. We make quality products intended to last the life of a photography studio. Follow us on Twitter for great photography tips and specials every day.