Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More After Dark.....


Here are a few more great shots captured at After Dark in New Orleans!

CP6817 Malted
Captured at After Dark by Cammie Copper

CP6656 Euro Mix Pale Blue
Captured at After Dark by Cammie Copper

Here are the great specials for the day...THESE EXPIRE TONIGHT at MIDNIGHT!!

35% off Select Children's Furniture!!

Leather Child's Sofa (Pink or Brown)
Reg. price $299.99 ON SALE for $194.99

Zebra Child's Chair
Reg. price $299.99 ON SALE for $194.99

Leopard Child's Chair
Reg. price $189.99 ON SALE for $123.49

Child's Leather Chair with Ottoman
Reg. price $249.99 ON SALE for $162.49

50% off Velour Mushrooms!!! Reg. price $69.00 ON SALE for $34.50!!!

***Limited time offer, Expires Tuesday 11/22/10 Midnight (CST)

Our NEXT SPECIAL is all about the ACCESSORIES!!!

60% off Dream Cloth!! 9'x20' Reg. price $89.00 ON SALE for $35.60

40% off Suitcases! Reg. price $165.95 ON SALE for $99.57

30% off Velvet and Marabou Hooded Capes!

VHC-1 (Child Size) Reg. Price $80 ON SALE for $56.00 & VHC-2 (Adult Size)Reg. Price $95 ON SALE for $66.56

and 30% off Tulle Flower Skirts and Wings!!

Fairy Wing and Skirt Set
FPAW Reg. price $45.00 ON SALE for $31.50

Just the Skirt (FSK-1 Reg. price $35.00 ON SALE for $24.50)

Just the Wings (PAW Reg. price $15.00 ON SALE for $10.50)

***Limited time offer, Expires Tuesday 11/22/10 Midnight (CST)

Have a GREAT day everyone!!! For more information on these and all other Denny Mfg Products....please visit our website at www.dennymfg.com

Friday, November 19, 2010

After Dark New Orleans!!

We had a great time in New Orleans!! Everyone took some wonderful shots! Here are just a FEW.....more to come! Have a great weekend everyone! And DON'T FORGET, Last Chance to enter our Facebook Contest! Upload your favorite photo using Denny Mfg Products to our Facebook page for a chance to win a Gift Certificate! www.facebook.com/dennymfg

CP6822 Brown Burlap

Captured at After Dark NO by Ray Carcases

CP6820 Mosaic

Captured at After Dark NO by Britt Anderson

CP6516 Purple Rain

Captured at After Dark NO by Larry Peters

Denny Photographic White Vinyl

Captured at After Dark NO by Larry Peters

CP6656 Euro Mix Pale Blue

Captured at After Dark NO by Larry Munne

CP6570 Abandon

Captured at After Dark NO by Larry Munne

CP6823 Forest

Captured at After Dark NO by Bry Cox

CP6848 Gold Diamond Tuft

Captured at After Dark NO by Aisha Khan

CP6516 Purple Rain

Captured at After Dark NO by Gary Jones

CP6570 Abandon

Captured at After Dark NO by Kevin Jairaj

CP6823 Forest

Captured at After Dark NO by Bry Cox

CP6820 Mosaic

Captured at After Dark NO by Britt Anderson

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Jordan Chan's In-House Photo Shoot

In case you missed it, the week before last, we had the privilege of having Jordan Chan right here at Denny Mfg!!!

He came on his way to New Orleans to attend After Dark to shoot some wonderful shots for us!! We even had a live video feed!! Such a great time had by all!

Here are some of the great shots from the photo shoot!

CPM6614 St. Petersburg Tan

CPM6761 Cracked Up

CPM6763 Rockwood

CPM6819 Root

CPM6824 Parquet

CPM6828 LaSalle Street

CPM6843 EuroMix Distressed Gray

And by the way...We are having a FACEBOOK CONTEST right now!!! Just upload your favorite photo using Denny Mfg products to our Facebook page! We will pick a winner at random on Friday afternoon to win a gift certificate! Good Luck!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Facebook contest!!!

We're having a Facebook contest!!! Visit www.facebook.com/dennymfg for more information!!

and be sure to "Like" us, if you haven't already done so, that way you will know all the scoop first!!!

Have a great day everyone!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Denny's NEW Roll Up Floors™ are On Sale!

CPMF4031 Ebony Hardwood

For 3 Days ONLY!!! Save 15% off Denny's NEW Roll UP Floors!

Roll Up Floors™ are the newest innovation from Denny Manufacturing Company. Non-slip, lightweight, and extremely realistic, these floors are made of a "mousepad-like" material that will give you the flexibility to go from shooting on rough concrete to an assortment of hardwood floors in seconds!

4x6 -List price is $180 ON SALE for $153
4x8 -List price is $240 ON SALE for $204

8x8 -List price is $448 ON SALE for $380.80

8x10 -List price is $540 ON SALE for $459


But don't forget this sale is only for 3 DAYS!! SO HURRY!!! **Limited time offer, Expires Wednesday 11/17/10 Midnight (CST)

Here are some great shots of some of the floors! You can also LIKE Denny MFG on Facebook HERE, and view our photo album that is FULL of more GREAT shots!!!

CPMF4022 Gray Barnwood

CPMF4050 Whitewash Wood

CPMF4020 Barnwood

Have a great day everyone! ENJOY!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Have you heard of SYNC?

We will be there! and we want you to be there too!!!

SYNC (Senior and Youth National Conference) is the newest senior portrait conference in the photography industry.

SYNC is an educational event with the top speakers in the nation sharing business, photography, marketing, sales and photoshop techniques in the field of senior portraits. Our speakers are studio owners JUST LIKE YOU.... small business owners who are facing the same trials and problems you face.

SYNC has no membership fee and promises to stay affordable so all professional photographers can attend and bring their employees, too!

SYNC believes: Education first. Less fluff ore stuff.

SYNC 2011 will be held at the beautiful Trade Winds Resort in St. Pete Beach , Florida. Jan. 28 - Jan. 31.

Top speakers on the main stage.
Pre-convention live photography classes.(additional fee)
Opening night
SYNC Solutions
SYNC Awards
Print competition with great prizes!
Trade show with the industries leading vendors.
Evening events for networking with peers.
Sand, sun and fun!
and much more!

Click HERE to like their Facebook page!!
And here is the website...http://www.syncseniors.com/Home.html

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A New Featured Photographer!!

Colleen Gonsar, Darty Hines, Pam Spotts and Tim Wehnert from Colleen and CO.!!!!

They wrote to us and said...."As many of you know, the photographers at Colleen & Co. are known for incredible senior portraits with beautiful lighting, posing and fantastic set design. But, did you know they also put that same passion and effort into their children and baby photography? Colleen Gonsar, Darty Hines, Pam Spotts and Tim Wehnert share in the photography duties at the Colleen & Co. studios in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area. The two very successful studios are state of the art including all of the latest camera equipment, props and backgrounds. The studio photographs over 800 high school seniors throughout the year and hundreds of family and baby sessions. They pride themselves on offering things the competition can not. One of those things is variety. The variety in the children's division comes from the wide selection of children's props available from Denny Mfg.

The photographers often hit stores like Target and Pier One for interesting chairs for the high school seniors. However, it is always difficult to find that perfect chair for children. With Denny's line of kid props and chairs, they now have a great selection at the studio to help provide their clients with the variety they need to sell multi-image products. Creating variety in the photography session always drives up the sale. During a typical children's session, the photographers may photograph two to three completely different sets with multiple props. Normally, they will shoot between 20-30 images while showing the client around 18-22. Children do not last very long during a photo session, so shooting quickly always helps capture good expressions. By changing the chairs and props often during the session, the child does not get bored and restless. There is always something new to see and do during the portrait session.

Showcased here with this article are some favorite children props from Denny Mfg. The overstuffed zebra chair is a favorite of the Colleen & Co. clients. Little girls seem to love being photographed on the zebra chair. It is also the perfect size for that unique baby image. Many times the photographers hear: "these chairs are just my size!" as the children enter the studio. The kids quickly run to the chairs and sit on them with huge smiles across their faces. Just like the high school seniors who choose Colleen & Co., the kids are very excited about the props and chairs used in the images. When the clients like the sets and the scenes designed for them, the only thing missing is the perfect expression to sell those images. Kids photography is almost always sold on expression. When you can capture that perfect smile, the print will sell every time. When you add the funky chair and unique set, that becomes just one more thing to set yourself apart from the competition in your area. Denny's kids props help add that extra unique-ness to the Colleen & Co. kids portraits."

PLCC Pink Leather Child's Chair

ZCC- Zebra Child's Chair

PLCC-Pink Leather Child's Chair

BLCS-Brown Leather Child's Sofa

PLCC - Pink Leather Child's Chair

Thanks Colleen and CO.!!!

Have a great day everyone! Do you have Denny Backdrops and/or props? If you are interested in becoming a featured photographer, email us at CFonde@dennymfg.com

Monday, November 8, 2010

After Dark New Orleans!!

Thanks to everyone that tuned in to our Live Feed of Jordan Chan shooting for us! We had a great time doing that and will have MANY more in the future! We would love to hear some suggestions if you have any!

In the meantime, we are headed down to New Orleans for After Dark! It is going to be a blast!! and as always we will bring you all the great photographs that we get while we are there! If you haven't heard about After Dark...click HERE to learn more! It is a GREAT workshop, and we encourage you to go if you have the opportunity!

Just for fun, how about a SPECIAL!? We have done some revisions of the specials, and will now feature them for only 3 days at a time...in order to give you MORE!!! so every other day or so, we will put one here...however if you haven't already be sure to sign up for the email alerts...that way you will be the first to know! Put your email address into the box at the left of this post and you will be on your way to knowing all the latest!

Here is the special....

25% off Computer Painted Super Cloth™!**

CP6707 Purple Rain

CP6740 Mother Earth

*Super Cloth™ is our "Canvas-Like" backdrop

**Limited time offer, Expires Wednesday 11/10/10 Midnight (CST)

Have a great day everyone! and be sure to stop by and visit us if you are in New Orleans!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Live Stream again...and a SNEAK PEEK!!!

We had so much fun yesterday with Jordan Chan!! We hope you enjoyed the LIVE action too!! We will be doing it again today...it will be streaming on the blog and our website, but if you would like to interact with Jordan you can use this link.....


How about a SNEAK PEEK at a NEW prop and a few NEW BACKDROPS?!

Here is our NEW PROP!! A sweet baby bed!
BED-W (shown with CPM6660 Waterflowers)
**This is not currently on our website yet, but will be in the next few days!

CP6817 Malted

CPM6829 Canal Street

CPM6834 Split Brick

CPM6846 Brandi

CPM6782 Chelsea

CPM6849 Brown Leather Diamond Tuft

**The specials for the week will be up tomorrow!! Thanks for you patience!