Friday, October 30, 2009

a little peek....

Here is a sneak peek at our fun Halloween Party! We had a wonderful time and everyone was dressed to the nines! We really do have amazingly creative people that work here at Denny Manufacturing! We had a contest for the best costume, but we won't be giving away the winner until Monday! So you will all have to check back with us then to find out!

Here is Charles, he was a scarecrow!!!

Brandi as Dorothy from The Wizard of OZ!

Mitzi as a witch

Omar as Captain Jack Sparrow

Kenny was a Beer!

Greg was Joe Dirt, complete with rock in wagon!

Here are the finalists! Who do you think was the winner????


Here is our winner of the Pumpkin Carving Contest! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!


Happy Halloween Everyone!

We might create wonderful backdrops and props for the photography world...but little did we know that our staff can create some of the most amazing pumpkins ever!

This year Denny Manufacturing is having a Halloween party! To start it off we had a pumpkin carving contest!

We wanted to share those creations with you as a fun way to start off the Halloween weekend right!

We are judging the pumpkins this afternoon...Who do YOU think should be the winner?!


Everyone will be dressing up for lunch so we will be sure to bring you lots of fun pictures of our very creative staff!!!

Have a great weekend everyone and a safe and fun Halloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's Thursday!! is almost Halloween! Are you ready for some spooky specials?!

50% off Heavy Duty Backdrop Stands!!!

These sturdy, expanding systems come with heavy duty stands and crossbars that expand to 10' wide, 12' wide or 20' wide and carrying cases for all! These sets are strong backdrop support systems at very affordable prices! This week only! an extra...if you order this week you will receive a Denny Monopod (valued at $34.95) absolutely FREE with purchase! *

*Expires Midnight Thursday 11/05/09 (CST)

We are also offering another special....

40% off our ENTIRE line of Safari Luminations!

This includes our Zebra Studio Flash, our Safari Lumination Softboxes (octagonal, square, and rectangular) our Safari Strip Box, and The TriCoast off Camera Flash Boxes! *

*Expires Friday 11/6/09 Midnight (CST)


60% off Reversible/Collapsable Twist Flex!

TwistFlex Backdrops fold down to a small 33” diameter and slide right into the carrying case!

Only available on 6x7 Regular price $289.00 ON SALE for $115.60*

*Expires Monday 11/2/09 Midnight (CST)


60% off SELECT Quickship Muslins

Offer Only Valid for the following Quickship Muslin Styles:
  • Quickship Cloudscape Muslins
  • Quickship Old Master Muslins
  • Quickship Crinkle Muslins
  • Quickship Scenic Muslins

*Expires Midnight Saturday 10/31/09 (CST)

Please visit for more information on all of our specials this week!

Happy Halloween everyone! Be Safe!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Look what the cat drug in.....

Mike Fulton and Cody Clinton from TriCoast Photography are here to shoot for the 2010 Denny Manufacturing Catalog! We really enjoy having them here, they are such great guys to work with! Thanks for all your hard work!

What a great way to start a Monday morning!

Christmas is right around the corner!

Are you ready for the next couple of months with Christmas coming soon!???

It's not to late to order!

We have some great backdrops for the winter holidays!

Some of our featured backdrops include many beautiful Christmas scenes, as featured below....
and we have lots of props that can be used in all your scenes!

We also carry Holiday Clothing!

Check out Denny Manufacturing's Website for more information!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Debra and Bob are on the move again!!!!

Debra and Bob are on the move again and have headed out to New York City to the Photo Plus Expo! They will be there on Friday, October 23, from 10-5 and Saturday, October 24 from 10-4
They have set up an exhibit of many exciting Denny Manufacturing products! So if you are in the area, PLEASE stop by and have a look!

The Photo Plus Expo is "The Most Important Event in Photography" located at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City the show boasts a huge expo floor, hundreds of exhibitors, thousands of new products and a conference with over 100 seminars.

It should be a very exciting time!!

We also wanted to let you all know that we have set up an RSS feed to our blog! So if you are interested in following us on Google, yahoo, or blog lines, please do!!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's Thursday.......

That means it is another "Thrifty Thursday" coming your way!!

Today we have 2 great specials for you to SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!!!

Save Up to $69.95 On New Denny EZ Stand!*

This is an AMAZING deal! Our Denny EZ Stands are regularly $84.95, but if you take advantage of this awesome special you can SAVE UP TO $69.95!!! Buy ONE Denny EZ Stand for $59.95 and Save $25.00 OR Buy TWO Denny EZ Stands for $99.95 and Save $69.95!!!

The Denny EZ Stands are a wonderful investment!

The Denny EZ Stand (EZ-1) is great for those who have to move lights often and quickly. Why use the Denny EZ Stand?
  • Legs open automatically
  • Legs close automatically when you set it down
  • Quick set up and re-positioning
  • Moves safely & quickly throughout crowds without having to put the camera down
  • Supports portable shoe-mounted flash units or small monolights.
For more information check our our recent post featuring a video and highlights of The Denny EZ Stand here!

We absolutely stand by our products, which is why if you take advantage of this special you will receive a ONE YEAR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY!!!

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60% OFF Carbon Fiber Tripods, Camera Cases, Backpacks and Light Cubes!*

The Ultimate Camera Case!!

The new Denny Camera Case is constructed of reinforced aluminum with a sturdy, foam interior that guards and braces your equipment from damage while in transit or storage. This suitcase style case features a telescoping handle, metal locking clasps, wheels, side and top handles, customizable dividers, and exterior straps for large stands and tripods.

    Available in two sizes:
  • AC-1 (13"L x 9"W x 20"H)
  • AC-3 (19"L x 9 3/4"W x 25"H)

This remarkable tripod is made of the lightest and strongest construction materials known to man!

The Denny Professional Carbon Fiber Tripod Package features an adjustable height with a reversible center column, adjustable legs, spirit level, adjustable 3-way panhead, quick release plate camera connect plate, and a carrying case.

Package Includes:
One, Carbon Fiber Tripod
One, 3-way Super Pro Head
One, Quick Connect Plate

Height Adjusts:
17" to 68" High


Denny Pro Camera Backpacks!!!

Gear Protection and Comfort is what the WB1628 Deluxe Digital Pro Backpack is built for. Heavy-duty and spacious, this backpack allows for quick and easy access to your camera and all of it’s accessories. The all-weather exterior and padded, customizable interior are perfect for any outdoor enthusiast or on-location photography.
19" h x 14"w x 9" deep

The WB1702 Backpack Camera Bag with Wheels offers all of these same features plus it can be carried by the top, collapsible grab handle or with the included backpack straps.
20" h x 16" w x 8" deep

The Denny Light Cube!!!

The Denny Light Cube (32”x32”x32”) lets you photograph small products with soft reflection and good illumination. Carrying Case included!

*Limited time offer. Expires Thursday 10/29/09 Midnight (CST)

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How about "Thrifty Tuesday"!?

We have a great special for you all today!

25% off ONE Denny Scenic Design Item**

Denny Scenic Design creates an inviting and exciting environment right in your studio. The ambiance of Denny Scenic Design adds interest and intrigue to every photo. Add new dimensions to your photography today!

Here are some great examples of what we have to offer!

The Child’s Boat with one Oar (CBO-W) is the perfect prop for one of our beach backdrops such as CP6364 Surf or CP6486 Magical Sea! The boat is available in Antique White and Blue.

This is our Country Cottage Set (DDCC-Set) This unique set has a wide appeal. It exudes country warmth to create the most beautiful images for everyone from brides to families and children.

This is our Basic Bourbon Street Set...( BS-Set-B )
Take your customers to New Orleans without leaving your studio! This versatile set offers additional possibilities for many different poses.

And last, but certainly not least, is our Busted Out Set! ( BO-Set-B )
Take the popular Grunge look to the next level with the new Busted Out Set. The Two Unique sides offer creative freedom at an affordable price, and create an atmosphere your seniors will love!

We have many more options for you, so check our website!!!

**Receive 25% off ANY One Denny Scenic Design Item from Denny Manufacturing! Limited time offer. Expires Midnight Monday 10/26/09 (CST)
Call us toll free at 1-800-844-5616 or visit our website for more information!

Have a great day everyone! Check back on Thursday for "Thrifty Thursday" More GREAT specials to come!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Denny Manufacturing Lighting and Studio Equipment!

Did you know that we carry "Off Camera Flash Boxes", "Zebra Foldable Soft Boxes",
"Heavy Duty Foldable Softboxes" and many other lighting accessories?

These Softboxes fold like Umbrellas and do not require rods for assembly. A Light Ring is required for attaching to specific Lights.

    Zebra Foldable Soft Boxes are available in multiple shapes:
  • Square
  • Rectangular
  • Octagonal
  • StripBox (elongated rectangle)

This on-location lighting combo is perfect for using battery operated flash! Kit includes the following: (1) Custom Multi-Adjustable Bracket to attach to SoftBox and Stand. Includes Shoe Mount to accept Flash and (1) 28" Folding Octabox. TriCoast Photography built a worldwide reputation utilizing small portable flashes. The key factor in searching for a softbox that blends seamlessly into our style is portability. Denny Mfg answered us with a new box that is not just portable, but lightweight, flexible and stylish as well. The new design gave us a soft sexy light source while providing a sense of fashion and flair into the final product which our clients enjoy for a lifetime.

TriCoast Photography shot this great video featuring our "Safari Illuminations" and we wanted you all to see it!

Some of our other products include, Studio Flashes, Reflectors, and Umbrellas!

Check out our website and see what other great options we have for you when it comes to great studio lighting and camera equipment!

Friday, October 16, 2009

After Dark 2009!!!

Debra and Mitzi were in Austin this week for After Dark Education! They had a great time!! We wanted to share a few pictures with you, our loyal bloggers to see what a wonderful event this is!

Here we are! Bob, Debra, Jesse Garcia and Mitzi

Here is our setup, we brought over 60 backdrops for all of the photographers to shoot on! It was a great turnout!

Debra with Kevin Jordan on set-up day!

We also got to listen to the some of the fabulous musicians from Austin, that were also stand in models for some of the shoots!

Here is one of the fun shoots with one of the musicians that we did on our Euro Mix Pale Blue CPM6656

This sure was a great time! We enjoyed being with everyone in Austin! Can't wait until the next one in Miami!!!

More Pictures to come!!! Have a great weekend everyone!