Monday, May 19, 2014

365 Photo Challenge for Photographers

Our friends over at PetaPixel recently listed 7 daily exercises to help make you a better photographer. One, in particular, caught our attention:
We've seen a similar trend among Facebook users, called the "365 Photo Challenge," where users commit to posting a personal photo every day for a year. This acts as a type of visual diary, instead of posting status updates all year.

However, for the photographer, this challenge represents something far more creative. Taking a different photo each day means capturing different light, subjects, backdrops, and so on. This allows the photographer to think even more like a lens, seeing image opportunities in each space, indoors or outdoors.

Challenge yourself to taking a single shot without adjusting and taking more shots. Compare your photos each week to see what you can change before you capture the image.

Are you up to the challenge? Let us know! Post one of your 365 images in our comments below, on Facebook, or Tweet or Pin them to us. The more you send us, the more we can show everyone just how creative you get snapping!

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