Friday, March 11, 2016

Denny Backdrop Materials

Did you know Denny Mfg has SEVEN different backdrop materials to choose from?! Let us break down the difference to help you find the perfect backdrop for you studio.

- Wrinkle Free Backdrop
- Tough Polyster Cloth
- Vibrant Color Reproduction
- Standard and Custom Sizes
- Ideal for Studio and Location Photography

- High Quality 14oz Matte Vinyl
- Variety of Solid Colors and Size Options
- Anti-Glare for Studio Photography
- Low Maintenance and easy to Clean
- Complimentary Wood Mounting

- 100% Polyester Fabric Backdrop
- Large Variety of Colors and Sizes
- Great Replacement for Paper Backdrops
- Washer and Dryer Safe
- Easy Compact Storage

- Hand Painted and Printed
- Compatible with our Automatic Roller Systems
- Canvas will last for years with proper care
- Highest Quality Photography Backdrop

- Photographs True Black
- Non-Reflective Backdrop
- Can be Dry Cleaned
- Black Suede sizes from 4.5'x5' to 9'x20'
- Photo Black sizes 7'x9', 118"x10', 118"x20' and 118"x24'

- Cotton and Polyester Blend
- Several Muslin Backdrop Options
- Rich Texture,Brushstrokes and Mottled Texture
- Background sizes up to 20'x24'

- Portable Photography Backdrops
- Printed or Hand Painted Design
- Folds into Compact Size
- Designed for on Location Photography
- Corporate Headshots and Yearbook Photos

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