Tuesday, December 30, 2014

An Investment That Will Get You More Clients

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of speaking with Nate Grahek, owner and founder of StickyAlbums.com. If you don't know about Sticky Albums yet, then you (and your clients) are truly missing out.

Nate was a photographer himself when the idea for Sticky Albums came to him. Like any photographer, he used his work to help book more clients. Before smart phones were around, we all kept our pictures in albums to proudly show off. But by 2011, Nate's clients (especially the seniors) had no interest in an album. In fact, if it wasn't on their phone, they weren't interested. Enter inspiration.
If he could create an app that replaced the old-school album, these seniors would have it with them everywhere (because what teenager go anywhere without their phone). And how cool would it be for them to have their own personal app?

Think about it: how many of your clients have all their photos on their phone? Imagine if those photos included an app of images that YOU shot for that client. Not only would your work get more exposure, but the client's friends will want a personalized app for their photos, too!
Nate's team is constantly working to improve Sticky Albums so that you, the photographer, can showcase your work and book more clients. Big names in the industry, such as Sal Cincotta and Sarah Petty, rave about Sticky Albums being a great investment for their studios. It's no wonder this product is a winner, snagging a 2014 Hot One Award and getting Best Digital Product 2012-2013.

And right now, you can make this great investment and save at the same time. For one more day, you can sign up for a lifetime membership and save $100. This is a HUGE deal that you really can't pass up. There are no other products out there that can book you more clients as well as Sticky Albums--and no other product that you can have FOREVER at a great price! You only have a day left, so check out their deal before it ends.

Here at Denny, we're also proud to have partnered with Sticky Albums through our Backdrop Buyer's Club. For an annual fee of $149.99, you will receive year-round deals on Denny products and exclusive deals from elite vendors in the photographic industry such as Sticky Albums. On average, these members save over $300 on their first order alone--that's enough to pay for TWO memberships! The benefits are big, but the savings are bigger so find out more so you can start saving today.

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