Saturday, June 28, 2014

NEW Backdrop Designs!

We've kept you waiting long you have nine of our newest designs for this year!

Top, L-R: Sapphire Bokeh, Reminiscing More, Louis Charcoal; Middle, L-R: Paris Brick, Colorful Bricks, Patina Blue; Bottom, L-R: Violent Planks, Jumpstreet 66, Lullaby

You'll find something new in two of our backdrops, Reminiscing More and Jumpstreet 66. They both have props built right INTO the backdrop! That's right: save even more storage and time with a wrinkle-free backdrop that is already camera-ready. Just another thing we're doing to enhance the photographic industry while saving you time and money.

We make sure that we give you a variety of designs, from the artsy Louis Charcoal, to the childlike Lullaby. Our photographers are diverse, so we are, too!

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