Monday, June 28, 2010

A quick Monday special!!!

Everyone loves a Freedom Cloth™ special right!?

WELL...TODAY is your LUCKY day!!!

Our bestselling Freedom Cloth™ is currently on SALE!!! but only for a limited time!

15% off ANY Computer Painted Freedom Cloth™ backdrop!**

CPM6656 - EuroMix Pale Blue

CPM6423 - Dante

CPM6425 - Helter Skelter

A little information on our Freedom Cloth™ backdrops....

For years, the muslin backdrop has been versatile primarily because of portability. Photographers around the world have expressed an interest in a backdrop that is "Wrinkle-Free."* Now, Denny Manufacturing is proud to offer the first "Wrinkle-Free"* backdrop, Freedom Cloth™!!!

Years of research and development have resulted in the perfect combination of equipment and fabric to produce this exciting backdrop product. Freedom Cloth™ introduces a new realm of possibilities for fixed and portable backdrops!

Why should you choose Freedom Cloth™?!
  • Wrinkle-Free*
  • Extremely vibrant colors like never before!
  • Machine Washable!
  • Dryer and Steamer Safe
  • Colorfast
  • Muslin-like Fabric but more durable than muslin.
  • Most Denny Designs are available on Freedom Cloth™
  • Up to 10' Wide!
* After extended periods of storage, some wrinkles may occur. These are easily removed via steam or dryer and most will not appear in the photograph.

**Limited time offer, Expires Saturday 7/3/10 Midnight (CST)
Please visit for more information

Have a great Monday everyone!!!

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