Thursday, July 15, 2010

Time for more specials!!!

We have some great specials for you all today!!!

50% off Photographic White Vinyl**

Denny Photo White Vinyl is extremely durable & photographs pure white when properly lit.Unlike cheap imitations, we eliminated permanent creases because, We never fold Our Vinyl and Denny Brand White Vinyl is always shipped wrinkle free.Our White Vinyl has no seams, hangs straight, and will not sag like cheap imitations.We included Complimentary wood mounting, making Our Vinyl ready for use with your backdrop stands and provide proper wrinkle free storage.

**Limited time offer, expires Friday 7/23/10 Midnight (CST)


35% off ANY Old Master**

OM 2334 DaVinci (shown with Floor CPMF4020 Barnwood)

Hand-Painted Old Masters Backdrops are available in a wide variety of styles. You will find traditional Old Masters for your more elegant and/or business clientele to the “funky” Hand-Painted styles for your energetic Seniors!

**Limited time offer, expires Monday 7/18/10 Midnight (CST)

AND.....One More....

50% off Denny Photo Black**

The ultimate black material for photography. This special substrate is finished on both sides with a matte finish. This finish allows it to photograph true black, unlike dyed muslins which reflect and appear grayish. This material also works well with color gels. This product can be shipped folded. Denny “Photo Black”™ can also be used as a light blocker for use in studios and labs.

**Limited time offer, Expires Thursday 7/22/10 Midnight (CST)

Have a great Thursday everyone!!! and for more information on all of our products please visit

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