Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's Thursday.....

Happy Thursday everyone!!! We hope everyone is having a GREAT week....

We wanted to bring you a few specials today for your saving enjoyment!!!

First things first....40% off Shell and Tub Posers....

Tub Poser

These are great for little ones!!
Shell Poser

**Limited time offer, Expires Friday 7/12/2010 midnight (CST)

50% off Heavy Duty Backdrop Stands!!!**

BS-1020: Wide format Background support stands for large groups. This set includes 3 10' heavy duty stands, a 21' cross bar and 2 carrying cases. Adjust up to 10' high and 21' wide. Cross bar is in 3' interlocking sections.

BS-1012: Standard Background support system includes 2 heavy duty 10' stands, 12' cross bar and carrying case. Adjust up to 10' high and 12' wide.

BS-1010: Basic background support system includes 2 heavy duty stands, crossbar and carrying case. Adjusts up to 8.5 feet high and 10 wide.

**Limited time offer, expires Thursday 7/15/10 Midnight (CST)


25% off ANY ONE Denny Scenic Design Item**

Thinking about adding some props to make your Scenic Design complete?

Maybe you need the beanstalk to add to the Royal Castle Set?

OR you may need an addition of a surfboard to your Shack Set!?

Now's your chance!!!

Denny Scenic Design creates an inviting and exciting environment right in your studio! The ambiance of Denny Scenic Design adds interest and intrigue to every photo. Add new dimensions to your photography today!

**Limited time offer, Expires Monday 7/12/10 Midnight (CST)

Have a great weekend everyone!!! Be sure to visit for more information!

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