Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Our Handpainted Backdrops

Have you ever wondered who is actually handpainting your backdrops? Today we want to show you!

This is Lisa, one of our very talented artists painting a Painted Canvas Backdrop (Black Splash)

This is how it looks before.....

when it ships to you this is the final product where we get to see what amazing "art" you make!

This is where all of our artists come to paint. We have about 10 bays for the artists to create wonderful backdrops for you!

These images represent backdrops that are almost finished and ready to be shipped out!

Our Artists work extremely hard to bring you the best products! We sure do think that they do a great job! Now you can envision where your backdrops are coming from! Check back with us tomorrow for "Thrifty Thursday"! And Friday we will have a look at what went on at "After Dark"!

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