Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's Thursday.......

That means it is another "Thrifty Thursday" coming your way!!

Today we have 2 great specials for you to SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!!!

Save Up to $69.95 On New Denny EZ Stand!*

This is an AMAZING deal! Our Denny EZ Stands are regularly $84.95, but if you take advantage of this awesome special you can SAVE UP TO $69.95!!! Buy ONE Denny EZ Stand for $59.95 and Save $25.00 OR Buy TWO Denny EZ Stands for $99.95 and Save $69.95!!!

The Denny EZ Stands are a wonderful investment!

The Denny EZ Stand (EZ-1) is great for those who have to move lights often and quickly. Why use the Denny EZ Stand?
  • Legs open automatically
  • Legs close automatically when you set it down
  • Quick set up and re-positioning
  • Moves safely & quickly throughout crowds without having to put the camera down
  • Supports portable shoe-mounted flash units or small monolights.
For more information check our our recent post featuring a video and highlights of The Denny EZ Stand here!

We absolutely stand by our products, which is why if you take advantage of this special you will receive a ONE YEAR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY!!!

Visit our website for more information about ordering!

* Limited time offer, Expires Friday 10/30/09, Midnight (CST)


60% OFF Carbon Fiber Tripods, Camera Cases, Backpacks and Light Cubes!*

The Ultimate Camera Case!!

The new Denny Camera Case is constructed of reinforced aluminum with a sturdy, foam interior that guards and braces your equipment from damage while in transit or storage. This suitcase style case features a telescoping handle, metal locking clasps, wheels, side and top handles, customizable dividers, and exterior straps for large stands and tripods.

    Available in two sizes:
  • AC-1 (13"L x 9"W x 20"H)
  • AC-3 (19"L x 9 3/4"W x 25"H)

This remarkable tripod is made of the lightest and strongest construction materials known to man!

The Denny Professional Carbon Fiber Tripod Package features an adjustable height with a reversible center column, adjustable legs, spirit level, adjustable 3-way panhead, quick release plate camera connect plate, and a carrying case.

Package Includes:
One, Carbon Fiber Tripod
One, 3-way Super Pro Head
One, Quick Connect Plate

Height Adjusts:
17" to 68" High


Denny Pro Camera Backpacks!!!

Gear Protection and Comfort is what the WB1628 Deluxe Digital Pro Backpack is built for. Heavy-duty and spacious, this backpack allows for quick and easy access to your camera and all of it’s accessories. The all-weather exterior and padded, customizable interior are perfect for any outdoor enthusiast or on-location photography.
19" h x 14"w x 9" deep

The WB1702 Backpack Camera Bag with Wheels offers all of these same features plus it can be carried by the top, collapsible grab handle or with the included backpack straps.
20" h x 16" w x 8" deep

The Denny Light Cube!!!

The Denny Light Cube (32”x32”x32”) lets you photograph small products with soft reflection and good illumination. Carrying Case included!

*Limited time offer. Expires Thursday 10/29/09 Midnight (CST)

Visit for more information!!!


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