Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A New Featured Photographer!!

Teri Mason!!!

Teri wrote to us and said.....
"Denny's has always had the best props, backgrounds and customer service.
But their Freedom Cloth has opened up a whole new world of variety for my
clients. Now I don't have to worry about storing muslins, sliding them
around on the track to find the right one, or fight with the wrinkles. I
can store FCs right on a shelf in a fraction of the space, and when I want
to change one, I simply clamp it on the bottom of my canvas system and
roll up - no wrinkles, no worries. I love all the different designs, the
ease of use and the great price!"

Here are some of Teri's GREAT shots using ALL Denny Manufacturing Backdrops!!!

CPM6731 Pastel Shutters

CPM2334 DaVinci

CPM2435 Canoli

CPM6681 Red Door on Duval

CPM6653 Oslo Pale Blue

CPM6625 Euro Mix Ivory

CPM6604 Distressed

CPM6577 Annie

CPM6577 Annie

CPM6558 Victorian Tan

CPM6423 Dante

CPM6622 Sheffield

Thanks Teri!!! Enjoy everyone! For more information on these backdrops and all of our other products please visit www.dennymfg.com

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