Wednesday, February 3, 2010

SYNC 2010!!!!

SYNC 2010 was a great convention! The talent was absolutely incredible including Aaron Adams and Lane Crabtree which Denny Manufacturing sponsored as "Rising Stars". The SYNC 2010 Photographer of the Year is Jon Read. Congratulations, Jon!

Kirk Voclain was an awesome speaker and created a buzz this year by initiating a contest which had a grand prize of Two Super Bowl tickets!!! The participating photographers had to go to selected "Pro4uM" vendors and ask for key information. Each vendor had pre-planned their "statement" of information which led to the answer. For example, for Denny Manufacturing, the questions was "What is the GREATEST backdrop material in the world? The answer was "Freedom Cloth". When customers came to the booth, we had to tell them about our backdrops and mention that Freedom Cloth is the greatest backdrop in the world.

Nancy Poole, Angela DeVIlle, Gretchen Miekie, George Kuchler, Gwen Prichard, and Mike Fulton! (from Left to Right)

Debra with Brad Veraska

After the Awards ceremony, Kirk requested that someone represent Denny Manufacturing and appear on stage for the official drawing along with a vendor from each participating company. Debra decided that she would be the one to represent us! Each vendor representative pulled one entry from the special super "Bowl" and each card was put on the floor. Kirk was blind folded and he knelt down to get on the floor and choose the winning entry!

The winner was Annie Huebsch !!! Congratulations ANNIE!!! Once announced, each vendor sprayed silly string all over Kirk and Annie! It was followed by a night of dancing and great conversation!

A quick peek at a few shots of our booth!

Freedom Cloth was in high demand with the Black and Copper Tile (CPM6692) backdrop which was a requested design by Aaron Adams as one of the most popular. Other favorites at the convention were Vertigo (CPM6423), Euromix Ivory(CPM6625), Desire Street (CPM6662), Karen's Symbols (CPM6693 and Warehouse (CPM6601) to name a few! The TriCoast Off Camera Flashbox and Denny Safari Luminations were in demand as well. Mitzi and Debra enjoyed seeing our customers and appreciated their patience when they had to wait in line to order. It was a busy show and we appreciate everyone's business.

And one last one....A GREAT WAY to end A GREAT CONVENTION!!!!

Have a great "Hump Day" everyone! See you tomorrow for Thrifty Thursday!!!

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